From 2016-18 I was the editor of, which delivers Switzerland’s news in English to an expat audience.

Working for The Local helped me get under Switzerland’s skin and discover the culture, customs, attitudes and history of my adopted home.

I discovered why the Swiss celebrate the cows coming down from the alpine pastures every autumn and why one canton has a divisive history. I looked into the Swiss start-up scene and rise in microbreweries. I examined the history of women’s rights in Switzerland, delved into the country’s Romansh-speaking culture and looked at its fascinating system of direct democracy, which has resulted in the Swiss making some curious decisions, such as turning down an unconditional basic income.

I saw some of my stories go viral and get picked up by international media, including my interview with a long-term Swiss resident refused citizenship over her attitude towards cowbells, my story about Geneva’s use of actors dressed as Brits to show locals how to be polite on public transport, and my report (the first in English) on one Swiss village’s decision to pay people to move there.